A process that works

Our method is straight forward and certainly not rocket science. It’s a common sense approach that follows a simple belief.

In-house research expertise

Ignite delivers marketing insights and better research pricing through our sister company, PVR Research.

Gain more comfort and confidence in your decisions through tools such as:

  • Online Surveys
  • In-depth Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Quantitative Studies
  • Competitor Analyses

We know:

  • What data is needed
  • What questions to ask
  • The most efficient ways to collect data
  • How to use data to provide solid recommendations

More qualified leads

Ignite has consistently delivered up to 5 times better results in the quest for qualified leads. We can help you find new ways to break through the clutter and generate the right leads for business.

Proven steps to strengthen your results:

  • Build a more potent prospect list
  • Create a unique delivery message
  • Craft a message that is relevant and generates action
  • Reach your potential customers in unique and compelling ways
  • Ensure timely follow-ups (Call Center)
  • Build and maintain customer relationships
  • Implement nurturing campaigns


"With Ignite, Paradise LISTENS and understands what customers value and how we should position ourselves. This has been invaluable in developing impactful messages, identifying new growth opportunities and opening the door with target accounts. And Paradise is able to share market and trend leading research, which initiates new product pipelines for our clientele."

The leading supplier of custom sauces packed in pouches

“One of Ignite's strengths is their creative. It starts with investing time to help us better understand how our customers make decisions for our services and our competitive strengths. This leads to more effective messaging and a bigger return on our marketing investment.”

The Beam Team
A leading national retail services firm providing installation, remodeling, assembly and fixture repair

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