• Why is it ineffective to have your sales force make cold calls?

    What tools does marketing use to generate qualified leads for your sales team?

    Ignite can identify targets, create interest and open doors for your sales team.
  • Who’s responsible for making your company’s first impression?

    Sales often makes the first customer contact. What do they say to set you apart?

    Ignite has a process to uncover the best story for your brand.
  • How can you be sure your message gets noticed?

    Do you have a way to make your story “customer compelling”?

    Ignite has a creative process to ensure your message gets you into the game.
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Gather Data

What information do you need to improve your marketing? Start by understanding why current customers do business with you. Then leverage what makes you successful.

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Ensure Alignment

Don’t confuse sales and marketing. They are different. Marketing creates the story, but sales delivers it with passion.

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Increase Leads

Hold marketing accountable for generating new business, just like sales. Marketing should find the most efficient and effective ways to create new opportunities.

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Work with Ignite if you want to:

1. Build a more compelling story for your brand
Services: research and messaging strategy

2. Find new ways to break through marketing clutter
Services: research and creative execution

3. Generate better qualified leads that shorten the sales cycle
Services: research, call center, strategy, creative execution, fulfillment

4. Feel good about your marketing investment.


Direct Marketing

(Lead Generation)
Identify Targets, Creative, Copy, Production, Call Center, Fulfillment, Lead Qualification

Print Collateral

Creative, Copy, Production

Promotions / POP

Design, Production, Fulfillment, Store Surveys


e-Newsletters, Websites, Microsites, Design, Copy, Programming/Hosting


(including Banner Ads)
Concept, Design, Copy, Production, Programming